Some Updates at Nine Two

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Some Updates at Nine Two

September 24, 2015
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Just to update everyone on our plans here at Nine Two Productions.

We have several things in the works

  1.  – FreeMeshX 1.05 patch to clean up a few mesh errors reported over the summer
  2.  – Middle East update – updates mesh tiles with new high resolution data released last month by NASA
  3.  – FreeMeshX – USA expansion that bring the USA up to LOD12 (10-m)

Middle East Patch

The Middle East patch is special in that it brings new updated high resolution data in this area and the Mediterranean that was not previously available when we first started work on FreeMeshX Global. We had to work with high-res and lower-res data in the 1.0 release, and this sometimes created problems we didn’t catch that were remedied in patches 1.01-1.04. With the new data available, we can now create this area as we originally envisioned, and this will help bring new fidelity to the Mediterranean and Middle East. It will also make some of our patches obsolete, as it replaces much of the patched data, thus not dramatically increasing the size of the current FreeMeshX Global 1.04 installation.

We’re looking to combine the Middle East update with the 1.05 patch, and released two versions of the patch. One will be an incremental patch for 1.04 users, and the other will be an all-in-one merged patch that brings a new user from 1.0 to 1.05 in just one patch.

FreeMeshX – USA

Anyways, FreeMeshX – USA is under active development. No timetable for a release yet, but we are hoping or wishing we can have something ready for you guys for Christmas.

Here’s some Alaska eyecandy to chew on.