Friends of Nine Two Productions

Here at Nine Two Productions, we are grateful for the support and promotion of FreeMeshX Global. Popularity has spread through word of mouth alone, and we would like to thank those who have gone above and beyond to note our work.

The SkyLounge has been our loudest supporter from the beginning. As a Twitch entertainer, they provide an excellent FSX/P3D  stream that centers around VFR and exploration. Make sure you stop by and treat yourself to one of the finest Twitch streams available. Special thanks to OMGEdson, Sparks_Smudge, MyNoodleIsCaramel, and Live_Sparks.


“I frequent the TheSkyLounge, and I am always amazed by their professionalism and passion for flight simulation. No longer was I subjected to endless hours of boring streams consisting of going from A to B on autopilot. Expect funny moments, amazing music, incredible fidelity, and some good cheers. An excellent way to kick back and enjoy the night.” — Daniel Moser




A major hub of all things involving flight simulation, hosts an active forum along with a fantastic freeware library. You will also find reviews of new releases, in-depth interviews, blogs, and tutorials in a professionally orchestrated website. We highly recommend you check them out!


Another favorite of ours is Mr. Dane Flats of the Twitch FSX streaming community. Dane Flats offers an entertainment experience that is unique from the rest of the Twitch community. Mr. Flats provides a vintage feel to his stream hearkening to the 60s and 70s of airline aviation with a large helping of humor and class. Expect to be wowed as he introduces production elements unseen in other streams, expert commentary, and his down to earth attitude toward everyone.

Testimonial: “HEEEELLLOOOOO EVERYBODY!!! Dane’s streams are easily a highlight of my week. I have not laughed as hard in a long time as he yells “Easy! EASSY!” as he tries to avoid tailstrikes, evaluates collections of airline stewardess, spews out Dane-isms, and sits in the back of the plane watching MTV music videos. Easily one of the top three streams in all of Twitch.” — Daniel Moser

Testimonial: “I came in thinking FSX streaming would be really lame, and then I watched Dane’s stream, and I thought it was the best thing I’ve ever seen.” — David Esnouf



DirkaDurka hosts one of the most respected streams in the FSX/P3D community. Known for his warmness and respect towards his audience, you’ll never feel left out in his stream. You can catch him most days of the week doing an array of streams, whether its a regional flight in a BAE -146, or VFR group flight in a Twin Otter, he never fails to bring an interesting angle to the streaming community.

Testimonial: “DirkaDurka was  one of the first streamers to catch my attention when I discovered Twitch. His candor, honestly, and warm-spirit easily transcends the streams to make you feel as if you are talking to a family member. His light-hearted approach to the stream is reflected by his wonderful audience, who always go out of their way to make a day after work that much better.” — Daniel Moser