FreeMeshX 1.05 Patch Released!

FreeMeshX 1.05 Patch Released!

December 5, 2015
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Patch 1.05


This patch is mainly an update for the Mediterranean and Middle East area with new 1 arc-second data from NASA. This replaces many tiles and makes the older patches obsolete. Some bug fixes are also present.

Patch Description

In August 2015, three months after the 1.0 release of FreeMeshX Global, NASA released the last of its new 1 arc-second SRTM datasets. The new data finally updated the Mediterranean and Middle East regions with the highest resolution SRTM data available. For the FreeMeshX Global 1.0 release, a combination of LOD9 and LOD10 data was used for this region, but this approach was a bit buggy, and had to be straightened out with subsequent patches. Today, no combination of different resolution data is needed as this region is now completely LOD10.

As a result, much of the older patched terrain tiles will be replaced with full LOD10 tiles, and so it was decided to make this patch an all-in-one solution to bring FreeMeshX Global 1.0 to version 1.05. All of the previously patched data and the new patched data will be contained with this patch, so patches 1.01 – 1.04 will no longer be needed.

Other fixes include:

  •  Fixed artifacts in NW Borneo near Gaya Island
  •  Eiffel tower hump removed
  •  Smooth out small artifacts near NTMU
  •  Many Columbia spikes filtered out — replaced an entire tile

The total file size of the 1.05 patch is quite large: 9.7 GB. An incremental patch was considered for existing 1.04 users, but since much of the older patches will be overwritten, an incremental patch from 1.04 to 1.05 would still be large at 7.7 GB, so it was decided to just make a cumulative merged patch instead of possibly creating confusion with a second, incremental version.


The installation procedure is a different from the previous patches. Because there is a lot of new data in this patch, the patched data is now organized by region instead of being within a single “FreeMeshX – Patches” directory. Only miscellaneous fixes are now included in this particular folder.

Here is your installation guide for patch 1.05:

  1. Inside your existing, installed “FreeMeshX – Patches/scenery” folder, delete all existing files. If you are a new FreeMeshX user and upgrading from 1.0 to 1.05, then you do not need to worry about this step.
  2. Drag and drop the scenery folder from each FreeMeshX region folder from the 1.05 patch into your corresponding installed region folder. Overwrite all files. Do the same for the FreeMeshX – Patches folder.
  3. You’re done. That was easy.

If you’re a new user, make sure you add scenery entries to your scenery library. See for a pictorial guide on that process.

Hypothetical relative scenery library order:

  1. FreeMeshX – Patches
  2. FreeMeshX – Africa
  3. FreeMeshX – Antarctica
  4. FreeMeshX – Asia
  5. FreeMeshX – Australia and Oceania
  6. FreeMeshX – Europe
  7. FreeMeshX – North America
  8. FreeMeshX – South and Central America

Of course, your real load order will be different, but you must keep the FreeMeshX – Patches library entry above the FreeMeshX regions.

I’ve been frequently asked on where to add these in the scenery library. The answer is: It’s up to you. I would keep them before any ORBX regions and after your stock scenery. That’s about all the advice we can give you since everyone’s library is so different.

Download (9.7 GB)

Both BitTorrent or MediaFire download is supported. If there is active seeding by numerous seeders, the BitTorrent option is often faster, and the file integrity checks are exceptional. However, MediaFire serves great download speeds, especially if a download manager is used, which we highly recommend in order to avoid corrupted downloads and for pause/resume functionality.


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