FreeMeshX 1.03 Patch Released!


FreeMeshX 1.03 Patch Released!

May 24, 2015
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Patch Description

Please install after patch 1.02!

This patch replaces the remaining faulty tile mosaics in Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and fixes source data artifacts in remote areas — Fiji, Papau New Guineau, Himalayas, and New Zealand fjords. This is a rather major patch (3.3 GB), and affects several FreeMeshX regions – Asia, Europe, and Oceania, hence its large size.

A number of issues are fixed. The most apparent are seam issues between neighboring tiles and stair-step artifacts in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. These artifacts simply occur because of faulty mosaics of LOD10 tiles that are mixed with resampled LOD9 data. The mosaic program has had issues with this, and the fix is relatively simple and straightforward. This patch replaces the remaining mosaics that mixes LOD10 and resampled LOD9 data, and makes up the bulk of this patch.

Some data holes, pits, and spikes were present in the source data. This patch removes these artifacts, greatly cleaning up the affected regions (Fiji, Papau New Guineau, Himalayas, and New Zealand fjords). Other such artifacts are probably still present in FreeMeshX, and we’ll work to quell them when we find them.


Inside the FreeMeshX – 1.03 Patch folder you will find the FreeMeshX – Patches folder.

The FreeMeshX – Patches folder will be the future folder for all corrected terrain tiles. This folder needs to be added to the scenery library with a higher priority over all FreeMeshX regions.In other words, the terrain files in this folder will be loaded last to correct any faulty tiles in the 1.0 release.

For disk storage conscious users, an alternative method is to replace the older tiles with the patched versions. This should not create any problems; however, if you are seeding, please the special note below.

Special note to seeders: If you are seeding your FreeMeshX installation directly, please do not overwrite the old tiles with the corrected versions. The torrent will not like that, and will reject your seed. Add the patch files into their own library entry, e.g. FreeMeshX – Patches, and then prioritize it over all FreeMeshX regions.

List of replacement tiles by region.

  • Europe : N40E020, N50E30
  • Asia : N40E070, N40E080, N50E030, N50E040, N050E50, N50E060, N50E070, N50E080
  • Oceania: S10E130,S10E140 (Papau New Guineau)

Area patches (smaller in size). These must go in the FreeMeshX – Patches folder:

  • a_fiji_01 – a_fiji_05
  • a_himalayas_01 – a_himalayas_02
  • a_k2_01
  • a_newzealand_01 – a_newzealand_02

Hypothetical relative scenery library order

  1. FreeMeshX – Patches
  2. FreeMeshX – Africa
  3. FreeMeshX – Antarctica
  4. FreeMeshX – Asia
  5. FreeMeshX – Australia and Oceania
  6. FreeMeshX – Europe
  7. FreeMeshX – North America
  8. FreeMeshX – South and Central America

Of course, your real load order will be different, but you must keep the FreeMeshX – Patches library entry above the FreeMeshX regions.

I’ve been frequently asked on where to add these in the scenery library. The answer is: It’s up to you. I would keep them before ORBX regions and after your stock scenery. That’s about all the advice we can give you since everyone’s library is so different.

Download (3.3 GB)


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