• FreeMeshX

    FreeMeshX is a global terrain mesh replacement for the stock terrain mesh in Microsoft Flight Simulator – It is available free to bring more topography fidelity to your simulation!

    Why Free?

    The flight simulation community is built on the foundation of its amazing members. After many years of reaping the rewards of freeware contributions, Nine Two Productions is now giving back. Please, share and enjoy this product – let us grow together.

    How do I Download?

    FreeMeshX is available through torrent or direct download, and available through a subset of regions. Find out more by clicking FreeMeshX at the top of the page!
  • Latest News


    FreeMeshX Global 1.07 is now live!

    Patch 1.07 Thank you for the reports of terrain anomalies. Without your reports, some of these bugs would have continued to go unnoticed and unfixed. We greatly appreciate it. Patch Description Like the previous patch, 1.07 focuses mainly on some of the more remote parts of the world, with the bulk of the improvements in […]

    FreeMeshX 1.06 Patch Released!

    Patch 1.06 This patch fixes several remote areas in South America, but also fixes artifacts in the Alps that were mistakenly introduced in patch 1.05. Some small miscellaneous fixes are also included for Florida and Vietnam. Patch Description Remote areas of Patagonia and Amazonia Profunda needed some major corrections. That is the bulk of this […]

    FreeMeshX 1.05 Patch Released!

    Patch 1.05 This patch is mainly an update for the Mediterranean and Middle East area with new 1 arc-second data from NASA. This replaces many tiles and makes the older patches obsolete. Some bug fixes are also present. Patch Description In August 2015, three months after the 1.0 release of FreeMeshX Global, NASA released the […]